Welcome to Matucana 100

Geographicaly located in an important industrial axis of Santiago, we are a space for contemporay art with unique architectural and urban characteristics that accompanies, supports and exhibits diverse manifentationes in the same place: visual, arts, music, film and performing arts.

Founded in 2001 in what here for decades the warehouses of the State Supply Department on Matucana street, our job is to facilitate creation a deliver high quality experiences and authorial freedoom to audiences.

A wide ranfe of emergin and established creators come together in the Cultural Center´s physical and digital stages to reflect with his work on the issues of the current global system. Civil society and the diferent worlds of the cultural field meet, connect and become present in a national referent with over 20 years history.

Matucana 100 creates a unique place of contemporary art in Chile

Our History

The Matucana 100 Cultural Corporation was founded in 2001 to manage the Cultural Center established in the former warehouses of the State Supply Directorate. From the outset, M100 was conceived as a public space where visual arts exhibitions, theater, dance, cinema, and music would simultaneously occur.

Matucana 100 has developed in successive stages, allowing it to expand its infrastructure and build loyalty among its audiences. This has enabled it to host a broad and diverse range of programming in its spaces: the Esplanade, Main Theater, Patricio Bunster Space, Visual Arts Gallery, Concrete Gallery, cinema, and the Microroom.

Today, it is one of the oldest and most prolific Cultural Centers in Santiago, offering a vast array of events in Dance, Circus, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, Cinema, and Education.

Who have been with us for
over 20 years?

Voluspa Jarpa, Juan Dávila, Natalia Barbarovic, Gonzalo Díaz, Juan Pablo Longlois, Loro Coirón, Ximena Zomosa, García Barrios, José Balmes.

Jorge González, Los Tres, Francisca Valenzuela, Yorka, Alex Anwandter, Metronomy, Roger Waters, Hercules and Love Affair, Javiera Mena.

Amor Festival, Sanfic, IN-EDIT, Festival de Cine Europeo, Muestra Cine + Video Indígena, FUC!, Festival Universitario de Cortometrajes.

La Patogallina, Manuela Infante, Guillermo Calderón, Benjamín Galemiri, Teatro La Re-Sentida, Tyro Teatro Banda, La Patriótico Interesante, Teatro Cinema.

Compañía Movimiento, Compañía Danza Espiral, Rodrigo Chaverini, Joel Inzunza, Nuri Gutés, Francisca Sazie, Bárbara Pinto, Jennifer McColl.

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If u need more information for any event or rent a space for an event, contact us at matucana100@m100.cl